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Information for Parents

New Playground Equipment

We are excited about beginning our new school yard playground. The playground committee has developed a three phase plan.

The first phase will include removing the existing playgound equipment and replacing it with a new play structure for the primary students. Phase one will cost approximately $30 000. The second phase will consist of building a play structure for the junior and intermediate students. This phase will cost approximately $17 000. The third phase will consist of removing the existing swings and replacing them with new swings, as well as a few additional stand alone structures. Phase three will cost approximately $19 000. We are  also budgeting in for an extra 10% of the proposed price  to cover any additional costs that may occur.

We had a fabulous start to our fundraising. There have been two $500 donations. The skate-athon and exercise-athon raised $  6177  after we paid for bussing and prizes. Our wonderful teachers held their own special lunch days which raised $ 212  . Our junior basketball coaches and team held a sub day which raised $ 233.Thank-you for such wonderful support. We look forward to a successful pizza kit fundraiser in April.

We need your support. Donations and ideas for fundraising activities will be most welcome!

Playground Equipment

A huge THANK YOU to our community, staff, students, families, school council and playground committee. We have had a successful beginning to our fund-raising. To date we have raised $10,407.55

Here are some of the big donations. Thanks for letting us share this information:

  • Skate-a-thon/exercise-a-thon - $6177.00 (this amount included two donations below)

$500.00 (Richmond’s School Coach)

$500.00 (Brian Whalen’s Carpentry Ltd)

  • Other Donations

$ 50.00 (Sarah & Ryan M.)

Sub Day:              $233.15

Staff Luncheons:              $211.89

Future Plans

  • School council has designated the 2012/2013 school year for playground fund-raising.
  • The school council / playground committee welcomes new fund-raising ideas and additional parent volunteers.

SmartBoards Smart Kids

We are excited to announce our ongoing installation of smart boards in the classrooms. These are a wonderful new innovation that makes a blackboard look like the horse and buggy. Theyare a great tool for teaching and learning and we look forward to seeing great results from using them!

September School Council Meeting


Natalie welcomed all returning members and new members to the council meeting proceeded by an introduction by each individual.

Approval of minutes: 1st Julie Harrison, 2nd Sue Case

Annual Election: Chair Natalie Hart, Co-Chair Marylou Cockins, Secretary Tammy McRae and Sharon Boldrick, Treasurer Julie Harrison and Julie Stiles.

Principal’s Report: a small adjust had to be made in the primary grades to cap classes to 20 students. This was completed successfully.

The section inside the fenced area in front of the school has been paved.

EQAO results will be shared at the October School Council Meeting but is on line now for all to view. Tyendinaga is very pleased with the results.

The school improvement plan is to continue to focus on literacy but will also have a major focus on math.

School budget will be discussed at the October School Council Meeting. School is hoping to install three or four more SMART boards this year and is hoping for support from School council. These SMART boards are an extremely essential tool in the classroom.

Fundraising plans are the Terry Fox run, Christmas Sharing, and Jump Rope for Heart.

Grant Proposal of $500.00 will likely be available.

AIM Strategic Plan for the next five years is now available. Kathy Soule welcomes feedback and

The Safe School Committee meets once a month right after school, Julie Harrison has volunteered to take on the task as school council rep. Thank you Julie.

Wanting to establish a committee to develop plan for school playground renewal. Information session date to be scheduled sometime in mid October, a letter will be sent home for parents prior to the meeting. Parent involvement is essential if there is to be a playground for the students of Tyendinaga.

Teacher’s Report: Thank you cards were received by school council from Mrs. McCue and Mrs. Cockins for appreciation of the monetary gift given to each class to purchase an item of the teachers choosing.

Treasurer’s Report: The balance as of June 3/10 was $4232.05 but to come out of that is $500.00 for Kissing Hand Books distributed in welcome packages for each new junior kindergarten student. Also to come out is $35.00 so school council could give a monetary gift of a $10 gift card to each class. This was to top up the monetary gift from Norcard.

Chair’s Report: School Council will be doing the BBQ at the Meet the Teacher Night on Wednesday Sept. 22. With proceeds going back to school council fund. 1st Julie Harrison, 2nd Julie Stiles. All voted yes to this decision.

Fundraising Committee to be formed to work on any ideas to help raise funds. Some suggestions are cookie dough, cheese, oranges and magazines. As of now Sherry, Nicki, Tammy, and Sharon have stepped up to work on fundraising efforts. A flyer is to go home next week with further information. First scheduled meeting is Monday Oct. 4 at the school.

Campbell Soup Labels are still being collected. Sharon has new box for labels when they are sent into the school. Julie Stiles and Tammy McRae to help Sharon with this effort. 1st Julie Stiles, 2nd Tammy McRae to continue with this program as well as Fund Script.

Money raised by school council is used to pay for graduation composites (given to each graduate at no charge), recess kits for each classroom, help subsidize cost of agendas, last year’s Festive Dinner, SMART boards, requests from teachers to support programs such as French, music, Library support to name a few.

Mary Callaghan to send a letter to teachers to ask for inventory of their recess kits, defective equipment to be returned to supplier, deflated equipment to be pumped up. To discuss at next meeting about replenishing kits in September of each year instead of spring.

A change to meeting nights was discussed and all decided to alternate nights each month. Dates for future school council meetings are: Wed. Oct. 20, Tues. Nov. 16, Wed Jan. 19, Tues. Feb. 15, Wed. April 20, and Tues. May 17. All meetings will continue to start at 6:30 pm.

Motion to Adjourn: 1st Julie Harrison, 2nd Tammy McRae

School Council Meeting Minutes- October

Wed. Oct. 20, 2010

Present: Tammy McRae, Julie Harrison, Marylou Cockins, Natalie Hart, Mary Callaghan, Derek Potts, Peggy Doran, Ray Flood, Cheryl Richards, Julie Stiles, Sharon Boldrick and Tammy Shiers.


Approval of September Minutes: Approved by Tammy McRae and second by Julie Stiles


Principals Report:

P.A. day on October 25.

Growing Success - Progress Report – In-service on preparation and focus for this (Parent session on October 27 as part of Literacy/Numeracy Night)

Hand out provided - Supporting Your Child's Learning through Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting.

School effectiveness Framework

DI Instruction - Open Ended Learning in mathematics.

School Improvement Planning:

Mathematics Focus

Staff currently working on analyzing data and moving ahead with strategies to engage and further student learning.

Collaborative Inquiry Learning - mathematics - Ministry project involving 4 HPEDSB schools.

Our grade 3-6 staff will have opportunity for involvement during year.

Grade 6 teachers and administration complete involvement - 11.5 day job embedded learning model (November-May)

Schools In the Middle - Learning opportunity for K-2.... awaiting more details

Differentiated Instruction Project 7 & 8 along with Rachelle.

EQAO - Overview of School Results and Next Steps.

Evening events - Literacy and Numeracy Night/ Book Fair - Wed. Oct. 27

Wishlist Items: Smart boards & Leveled Classroom Libraries.

Bullying Awareness Week - Nov. 15 - 19, 2010

Lock Down Update: First practice drill for 2010/2011 this Friday - October 22 2:15 p.m.


Teachers Report:

A recess kit survey was done. A few classes have nothing left in their recess kits. Primary teachers would like to see footballs and basketballs replaced with different types of bouncy balls. The kindergarten classes would like mini sticks. The rainbow colours maybe for older students. Different colours for divisions was helpful.


Treasurer’s Report:

Balance $5,087.51as of October 20, 2010

Outstanding Expenses  - $ 146.52 "Kissing Hand" books for Junior Kindergartens

                                 - $ 353.48 Agendas

                                 - $ 202.38 Supplies for Meet The Teacher BBQ

                                 - $  14.68 Angela to fill BBQ tank for Meet The Teacher BBQ


         Income                  $ 503.00 profit from Meet The Teacher BBQ


End Balance $4,873.45 as of October 20, 2010


Safe School Committee: 

Will be sending a dos and don'ts about bullying notice home soon.

Bullying prevention week is from November15-19


P.I.C (Parent Involvement Committee):

A committee similar to school council, but at the School Board level, where the Chair, Co-Chair, or representative of parent council from Tyendinaga Public School can attend. There will be a meeting October 26, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. They will be holding their elections at this meeting.


Chair Report:

The BBQ at Meet The Teacher night was a huge success! We are looking for the opportunity to hold another BBQ, probably during the evening due to volunteer commitment.



Fundraising letters are waiting to be approved ,then they will be sent home with students.

For the 2010/2011 school year, our fundraising plans will be a cookie dough and cheese fundraiser during the month of November. In the month of March there will be a candle fundraiser. Ongoing we have Fundscript and Campbell's Soup labels.



 The money raised through this year’s fundraisers will go to by Grade 8 composites, recess kits, funds to offset cost of agendas, and money provided towards every student towards a school trip with the amount of money to be determined and other school projects.


Motion was moved by Natalie Hart, second by Cheryl Richards.Approved


Festive Dinner:

Festive dinner will be held on Tuesday, December 7 and Wednesday, December 8. Cynthia Osborne and Karen McConnell have again agreed to organize this, however, there may be a need for volunteers to take over this tradition for future years. This is not a fundraiser for the school, just an opportunity for students to enjoy a hot meal at Christmas time. Volunteers are needed and someone willing to take on this tradition for years to come is also needed.


MOTION:  It was moved by Tammy McRae and second by Julie Harrison to provide financial supportfor  the Festive Dinner on December 7 and 8.



Playground Committee:

There was an excellent turnout at the first meeting. It was great to see so many dad's (as well as moms)! The committee is taking pictures and collecting ideas, so we can move onto the next step.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday,.November 30, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the school. Anyone interested in supporting the playground endeavour are encouraged and welcome to attend the next meeting.


Festive Craft Night:

A committee has been established, consisting of Marylou Cockins, Tammy Shiers and Julie Stiles who will be preparing our traditional Festive Craft Night. Anyone interested in working on the planning for this night are welcome to attend the planning meeting on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at Tammy Shiers house.  Anyone with ideas or input to this night who are unable to attend the meeting can send the information to the school for Marylou Cockins.


New Business:

Boomerang Lunches.

A brief discussion was held regarding the issue of boomerang lunches.  It makes a huge mess in our kids lunch pails. It is ruining text books, library books, agenda, etc. We would like to see a happy medium to please the school and parents. It was recommended that parents talk with their child(ren) at home about ways to keep their lunch pails cleaner. The school is concerned about molds that the recycling is creating, as well as they are limited in space, facilities and supervision to help this situation out. The school is doing its best to prepare the children for their futures through boomerang lunches.



MOTION:  It was moved by Natalie Hart, seconded by Tammy Shiers.


The next parent council meeting is Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @ 6:30 p.m. at the school.

We hope to see you there!

Boomerang Lunches

alt  My Boomerang is Coming Back. Our new initiative which has improved our recycling program and  is making our students more aware of the amount of packaging we use as a community continues. The Boomerang program encourages children to bring recyclable materials back home and to reduce the amount of recyclable material they actually use. We continue to do a great job. WAY TO GO TYENDINAGA.

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